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Bataleon Chaos Asymwrap 2023

Chaos е насочен към креативни карачи на , които искат най-голяма ефективност и комфорт, за да карат през целият ден. Конструкцията на рамката AsymWrap позволява по-голяма странична гъвкавост в сравнение с версията Fullwrap Отличава се с малко по-къс дизайн с висок гръб, който наричаме „Quarterback“, който позволява по-голямо движение на долната част на крака, когато ставате технични или искате да изчистите нещата. Трансфер страповете за глезена и пръстите са издръжлива конструкция от една част, създаваща перфектната връзка с вашите обувки.

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All-mountain фрийстайл автомат Bataleon Chaos Asymwrap,супер приятен среден флекс и супер лесен за настройване, точно към вашата обувка.Toзи автомат ще ви помогне да не разберете кога е минал целият ден в каране.Спускане след спускане.

Product Details


Flex Rating (1 Soft – 10 Stiff) – 5 / 10

3D Flex – The smallest possible binding footprint, with the least amount of hard plastic touching the board, allows your snowboard to ride the way it was engineered. Bataleon bindings allow the snowboard to perform all its dynamic characteristics without being restricted or distorted. Ride your board, not your binding!


Asymwrap Chassis – The choice of riders that are looking for some side-to-side tweak and a bit of a surfy feel. The 3 connection points will offer a slightly more mellow side-to-side flex without sacrificing edge-to-edge control.

ToadGrip Heel Rubber – A grippy rubber traction pad protects the back of your boot and keeps it locked in at all times.

Adjustable Base Size – The heel cup can be adjusted to help you center your boot perfectly in the binding and on your board.

Adjustable Padding – Choose from three different FootPad positions for a perfect fit with the sole of your boot.


QuarterBack Highback – The radically shorter design is super light and gives you more freedom to butter, press, and tweak with just the right amount of heelside support.

Adjustable Forward Lean – Fast, tool-free adjustment via the cam lever on the rear of the highback. Dial up the lean for a more aggressive heelside response or use less lean to keep it chill.

Rotatable Highback – Angle your highback parallel to the heelside edge for the most efficient power transfer.


Transfer Anklestrap – One-piece construction that’s lightweight and bombproof. The pre-curved, ergonomic design spreads pressure evenly across the foot and offers an ideal level of freestyle flex and support.

FastEntry Ladder™ – Enjoy hassle-free drop-ins with ankle and toe ladders that pop naturally out of the way when you’re putting your foot into the binding.

Transfer Toestrap – The Transfer Toestrap features Auxetic Shape Technology — a hinged pattern that expands perfectly around your boot without stretching or distorting the material.

TwoStep Toeladder – Select from two positions on each side of the binding to customize the fit for any boot shape and size.


Bulletproof Buckles – Super solid ratchets made from forged Aluminum that will never let you down. Featuring a triple-tooth action for super fast strap closure.

Additional Features

Never Miss a Day Parts Kit Included – Binding problems should never be a reason to miss a day of riding. That’s why Bataleon has designed and tested these bindings to withstand the worst punishments. But stuff still happens especially when you ride hard. So just in case something does wear out, Bataleon includes the Never Miss a Day parts kit with every underwrap binding. This emergency kit contains extra ladders and a couple of disk screws and washers so you will never miss a day of riding!


Additional information


Жълт М/L, Черен М/L


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