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2024 BATALEON Evil Twin Сноуборд

Всеки от нас си мечтае за ултимейт аll-mountain twin.

Това е той … Еvil Twin.


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766.50 лв.

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Всеки има туин дъска, но eдва ли ще намерите по-добра от Evil Twin. Сноубордът Bataleon Evil Twin е снабден 3BT™ (3D шейп на носа и опашката), които абсолютно ще унищожат конкуренцията в парка. Carbon central tube и олекотената сърцевина за максимален Еър, а средната гъвкавост е достатъчно гъвкава, за да се движите из останалата част от планината, когато искате да ударите някои природни дадености. Това е класическата дъска Bataleon, която става все по-добра с възрастта.


Rocker Type

Medium Camber – Camber profiles are defined from low to high. Higher camber make for more dynamic boards that need to be ridden more aggressively to get maximum performance. Lower camber boards are smoother on lower speeds and in powder. All camber profiles run from nose to tail. higher is not always better…

3BT™ (Triple Base Technology) with SideKick™ – All Bataleon boards feature tip to tail positive camber in combination with lifted sidebase contact points. SideKick™ Tips enhance 3BT’s advantages like nothing you experienced before by dramatically increasing the sidebase uplift at the widest points of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation even smoother, increases float in powder and handling of the board in rough terrain.


Flex Rating – 5 (1 Soft – 10 Stiff)


True Twin – Boards that are shaped for the park are designed with maximum center base width and minimal side base uplift. Creating a stable landing platform with confidence boosting forgiveness and next level agility. Think about your tricks not about your edges.

Medium Nose Sidebase Uplift – The gradual side base uplift in the nose determines how the board will behave on snow. most effected are the edge to edge performance and the uplift generated when riding powder.

Medium Tail Sidebase Uplift – The gradual side base uplift in the tail determines how the board will behave on snow. Any amount of uplift brings all the benefits of Triple Base Technology making Bataleon boards more versatile than others.


Ultra Light Core – A 70/30 Swiss paulownia and poplar blend that offers awesome strength to weight.


Central Super Tube – Central Super Tube is a hollow carbon core upgrades that is inserted into the core in the center of the board. The hollow carbon tube greatly increases the woodcore’s pop and reduce weight.

Tri-Ax Laminate – The three-way fibreglass weave is light, strong and crazy responsive. This is used to beef up the flex pattern on more aggressive boards.

Carbon Stringers – Carbon is feather light and adds explosive pop, precise edge control, reactive response and smooth dampening to a board. Bataleon uses this to beef up the flex pattern.


Shock Walls – Urethane infused sidewall technology. Shock Walls smooth out your ride and are more resistant to impact.


Hyper Glide S – Bataleon’s standard sintered base that’s durable and fast – and even faster when you keep it waxed.

Additional Features

Float Ration – 56 (10 min float – 100 max float)

Binding Compatibility

2 x 4 Insert Pattern


Additional information


154cm., 156Wcm., 157cm., 159cm.


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